GAPHitter: The Ultimate Hitting Aid
A great tool for all levels of players – from youth to pros.
An excellent alternative to the stationary tee and coach pitch.
The GAPHitter is the most unique, versatile, and effective hitting aid on the market today. It was developed through several iterations and tested by numerous players and teams…from youth to pros. It allows a player to hit a moving ball at all positions within the strike zone.
Developed by Hall of Famer Rod Carew, one of the greatest hitters of all time, the lightweight GAPHitter snaps together in less than three minutes and is placed behind home plate. A special Rod Carew/GAPHitter ball is secured by Velcro-like material to a patented Ball Attachment. The ball attachment is attached to a tether, which is connected to a pendulum on the GAPHitter. The suspended ball hangs over the plate and is pulled back by a person from the catcher’s position – then released. The ball swings toward the pitcher’s mound. When the ball returns though the strike zone it is hit by the batter. (Note: the ball can also be swung into play by an advanced player if practicing alone.) Upon contact, the ball releases from the Ball Attachment. Pitch location can be varied up and down, inside and outside; plus curveballs can be simulated. Multiple types of balls can be used, including: baseballs, softballs, low compression balls and others.

Hall of Famer Rod Carew states,
“The GAPHitter is the most effective training tool for developing and refining hitting mechanics I’ve ever seen. It’s far superior to a regular batting tee, as the moving ball increases a young player's eye-hand coordination - and helps advanced players hone their skills by practicing situational hitting.”

Unlike most hitting aids, the ball releases on contact. By doing so, it provides the batter instant feedback as to the direction, speed, and trajectory of the hit ball. This allows the batter, coach, or parent to correct imperfections in the batter’s swing. And, because the ball releases, it allows for game play.
Also, every pitch is a strike, so a young player has no fear of being hit by a pitched ball!
The GAPHitter will revolutionize T-ball by providing young players the fun, excitement,
and benefits of hitting a moving ball. Young players learning to hit a moving ball,
rather than a stationary ball on a tee, will be better prepared for the next level of play. 
The GAPHitter is also an excellent alternative to coach-pitch.
The GAPHitter is lightweight, requires no electricity, and can be used anywhere. It’s great for leagues, teams, or in your back yard.
The GAPHitter comes with a high-quality carrying bag, six (6) baseballs or softballs, three (3) patented ball attachments, pendulum with tether, and set up instructions. Additional balls can be purchased in dozens or 6-packs.
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