Softball Head Coach Dave Driscoll on the GAPHitter

“At the Bay State Baseball Camp we found that the kids really enjoy this. It’s a very good simulation of soft-toss from the front. It keeps kids concentration level up having the ball moving and coming from the front.  It’s a much better way of soft-tossing as opposed to soft-toss from the side.   It’s a great device and I think it can be very useful for any baseball or softball program.”
Dave Driscoll
Head Softball Coach
Dighton-Rehoboth High School
North Dighton, MA

Former UMass Dartmouth Assistant Coach Randy Debrosse

“I like the GAPHitter hitting aid.  It works much better than hitting off a tee because it gives you a more realistic swing as the ball is moving.”
Randy Debrosse
Former Assistant Baseball Coach
UMass Dartmouth
Dartmouth, MA

Coach John Seed's thoughts on the GAPHitter

“I think the GAPHitter is an excellent idea, especially for younger kids because the ball is moving. Kids like using it more than just hitting off a stationary tee. When they hit the ball and it releases, they get to see that they have made some good contact with it. It’s a very good idea.”
John Seed
Head Baseball Coach
New Bedford High School
New Bedford, MA

Coach Kyle Kupiac on The GAPHitter

"Great for all ages.  The kids loved it, they wouldn't stop talking about it!"

Kyle Kupiec
Inside The Park Batting Cages
Fall River, MA

Ted Williams on Rod Carew

"Some hitters, I put myself in this category, have to snort and fume to get everything going. Carew doesn't.  He's so smooth he seems to be doing it without even trying."         

Ted Williams
Boston Red Sox legend
National Baseball Hall of Fame

Hunter on Carew's 18 All-Star Appearances

"18 All Star games?  Are you kidding me?  I'll be happy if I play 18 years."

Torii Hunter
LA Angels Outfielder
3x AL All-Star

Mattingly's Favorite Player: Carew

"Growing up Rod Carew was DEFINITELY my favorite player.  I wanted to be like him in every way."

Don Mattingly
LA Dodgers Batting Coach
Former Yankees legend

Texas Collegiate League and GAPHitter

"Our college players love using the GAPHitter to practice situational hitting. Every pitch is located exactly where they need it to work on their mechanics."

Uri Geva, President
Texas Collegiate League

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